She, a beautiful hex.

A sublime smile, she wore,

Upon her face, adorned mine,

Wretched and woeful. She owned,

A seraphic life, before I,

Saturnine’d it. A person,

So vivacious and upbeat, fell for,

A lugubrious and bleak me. She,

stoical and forbearing. I,

Mercurial and irascible. She,

Cherished and venerated me, I

Loathed and detest myself.

She declaimed the magical words,

Her sonorous voice, I did,

Ridicule and disdain her.

I, very abstruse, she, so amiable.

Us, so flawed and shoddy,

Together , so quintessential.


I love you.



What you read above was my very first poem and maybe most of you readers know who it is for. Anyhow, it had been long since my last post so I thought it was time to update the blog. 🙂 Anyway, feel free to comment if you dont like a part or anything. Thank you, much love.



2 thoughts on “She, a beautiful hex.

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  1. yusuf, i barely know you or i should say that just through facebook . but , i must say that your hard copy is amazing! i mean, many people do write about these things but there are a very few people who actually seem to care . best of luck for future & keep up the good work.
    P.s. dont read my blog ! it is just awful ! :p

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