The Homecoming

“As the darkness takes over me,

I drown into oblivion.

Completely stupefied of my existence,

I question the mysterious reality.”



A mischievous mirror stares at me,

As I lean in to hunt my own reflection.

All my eyes perceive is a faceless beast,

Immortal yet so mortal, in his heart.

Speaks to me, he, as I follow him.

Into the world of evil, he takes me,

Guiding my path, writing my destiny,

Welcoming me to his humble abode.

A place with no shadows, only darkness,

With no happiness, only grief,

With no love, only hatred,

With no life, only death.

Claiming the throne, as I,

Stumble onto dead souls,

Crawling past the heartless beasts

Calling upon Satan, I, proclaim my homecoming.





I hope you all like it. Thank you. 🙂


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