Inanimate Mortal

Now I’m back in my Fatherland,

With the Crown on my head

And Fiends all ’round me

Yet it doesn’t feel so much as a home.

A fading shadow, calling out

Slight trembling inside my heart

Reach out, as I

Pulls me in, it, as if

Planning to save me, yet

Ends up terminating, o’

The last breath of mine, it.

Fall, I, into the abyss

This darkness, the void, the brink of life

It’s soothing, it’s relaxing

I accept, I accept

As I fall deeper and deeper

Reaching closer to the end,

But darkness, it has no end.

Yet this feels like, it

Has an end, to itself

Is it darkness in its purest form, o’

It is figment of imagination, of mine.

To know life, is to know death.

To know light, is to know darkness.

This abyss, a voice, it talks

To me, o’ it talks, it does.

Close my eyes, I,

Respire, as my heart pounds heavily.

Stretch my arm out, as I,

Hold onto darkness, my dear friend.

I hope you all liked it. 🙂 Feedbacks are welcome. Much love.


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