Empty room, no lights,

Sitting by the windowsill, as I

Watch nature’s most beautiful creation fall, slowly

As it descends towards the cold surface, I

Extend outwards to seize it, as it,

Falls on my stretched palm and slips the next moment,

Smiling widely, I watch it fall out of my palm,

Twinkling and glittering, as it soothes my heart,

A weird feeling, it incites into me,

A smile forming up from the end of my lips,

I blink as I continue to watch it tumble down,

So elegant, so beautiful, so natural,

A snowflake, it is, just a mere flake

Yet it makes my heart jolly-up like never before,

It is as if, it desires to speak to me,

It desires to hold my hand n’ never let go,

It desires to hold me in it’s arms,

It desires to kiss my skin,

Yet I watch it slip out of my palm,

As soon as it lands and I begin to clench.

Such a beautiful thing it is, to watch

Something so elegant appear out of simplicity.

A voice inside me speaks, it speaks,

It wants me to absorb myself into this,

This, perfect imperfection of nature.

Standing on the windowsill, as I, step forward,

Turning around and plummeting into beauty,

Immense beauty, so adorably amazing,

Magnificent, pleasing and alluring,

Closing my eyes, as I absorb the beauty of it,

As a voice speaks softly, I hear,

Don’t worry and smile, it says,

Into my dark vision, a face appears,

A beautiful face, with ravishing eyes,

And gorgeous lips, it says,

I will love you like no one else,

It says, I will hold you – forever.

I welcome, I welcome this unknown voice,

This unknown face, I welcome it,

Opening my heart, as I, let it reach,

To the depth of my blackened heart,

A touch, I feel, on my heart,

It sparks light, colors, beauty,

A ray of color, among the darkness,

I wonder, another mirage or reality.

Opening my eyes, I see, this face,

This graceful face, as it, holds that o’ mine,

Smiles charmingly, as it, a feeling,

Happiness creeps up to my face, as I, smile back.




This poem is solely dedicated to a friend of mine. 🙂 Feedbacks are welcome. And, thank you for reading.


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