A Formidable Fantasy

I wake up in a dark room,
Surrounded by black walls, and a mirror
Stands in the center of the room, with
A bulb on top, very dim lighted.
Getting up as I move towards the mirror,
I see my reflection, smiling widely.
Stretching my hand, as I touch the mirror.
Being swallowed by the mirror, my fingers,
Turning to escape, I, get interrupted,
Turning back, I see, a mouth-less creature.
Staring at it, I realize, it is waving at me.
My spine goes cold as I turn scared and frightened.
The creature walks near the mirror, as it,
Withdraws a knife from it’s pocket,
Staring at it, I wonder, it wishes to do.
The creature places the knife amid it’s head,
Staring at me, it pushes the knife inside,
The knife, piercing it’s forehead, gushes out blood.
Noticing the blood, I wince in pain, as I
Bleed from my forehead. Blood gushes and spurts,
Erupting heavily as I whimper of pain.
The creature, pulling out another shank,
Positions the knife, front o’ it’s neck.
I shriek out, I adjure it to stop,
Looking at me, shaking its head,
Slowly, it, thrusts the knife into it’s throat.
I whimper, tears rush out my eyes,
It thrusts the knife furthermore,
I scream loudly, my eyes open as I,
Spot self on bed, panting heavily,
Afraid and glad, to not be dead.

2 thoughts on “A Formidable Fantasy

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  1. You really fucking painted a picture there! I can’t remember the last time I didn’t cringe at the cliché of the whole story being a dream. I don’t really wanna criticise anything about this. GG.

    Liked by 1 person

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