The Homecoming

“As the darkness takes over me,

I drown into oblivion.

Completely stupefied of my existence,

I question the mysterious reality.”



A mischievous mirror stares at me,

As I lean in to hunt my own reflection.

All my eyes perceive is a faceless beast,

Immortal yet so mortal, in his heart.

Speaks to me, he, as I follow him.

Into the world of evil, he takes me,

Guiding my path, writing my destiny,

Welcoming me to his humble abode.

A place with no shadows, only darkness,

With no happiness, only grief,

With no love, only hatred,

With no life, only death.

Claiming the throne, as I,

Stumble onto dead souls,

Crawling past the heartless beasts

Calling upon Satan, I, proclaim my homecoming.





I hope you all like it. Thank you. 🙂


The Unfathomable Me

Standing in the darkness

An evil grin, he reflects

Bloody hands, he

Strikes terror within.

Closing my eyes, I

Fall into this terrifying abyss

Dissolving me in itself

Taking me back 6 years.

Wake to that nightmare, everyday

Curse myself for being there, I

Abhore my existence

For that nightmare eats me up.

Wishing it wasn’t real, I

Close my eyes again

Finally waking up, as I

Look around the darkness

Smiling at a silhouette, I

Reflect an evil grin.



Hello again readers, hope you enjoyed the words presented above. If not, feel free to express your opinions. Thank you.

She, a beautiful hex.

A sublime smile, she wore,

Upon her face, adorned mine,

Wretched and woeful. She owned,

A seraphic life, before I,

Saturnine’d it. A person,

So vivacious and upbeat, fell for,

A lugubrious and bleak me. She,

stoical and forbearing. I,

Mercurial and irascible. She,

Cherished and venerated me, I

Loathed and detest myself.

She declaimed the magical words,

Her sonorous voice, I did,

Ridicule and disdain her.

I, very abstruse, she, so amiable.

Us, so flawed and shoddy,

Together , so quintessential.


I love you.



What you read above was my very first poem and maybe most of you readers know who it is for. Anyhow, it had been long since my last post so I thought it was time to update the blog. 🙂 Anyway, feel free to comment if you dont like a part or anything. Thank you, much love.


Treat them! Don’t eat them.

Hello readers,
My first blog, eh. Seems like, I should impress you people! :’) Nevertheless, I will. Hold onto your seats, take a good time reading this. I hope you will like it and enjoy it.

Women. What are they? Who are they? Where do they come from? Some of you might give easy answers to these questions, whereas some of you might not be able to because you are still confused about all this. We, Indians, live in a society where women are treated as mere objects rather than being treated as a human. I know, you guys read all this daily, almost daily. But believe me, what I’m going to write down here will surely give you a feeling of disgust and anger towards India and it’s society. It’s not like I hate India, but yeah, I just might because of it’s society and culture. Women are not safe in India, women are raped in India, women are just mere toys, women are inferior to men, women are basically something to fulfill your desires. You hear these things very often in India. People who don’t live in India spit on India because of these shocking, yet true, facts. Indians men don’t understand a simple fact that they wouldn’t be there if it was not for those women. They treat them as nothing, or should I say they don’t even “treat” them. Lately, I was watching that documentary made by BBC about that incident which happened back in 2012. What shook me the most is the mentality of Indian people. I mean, I just felt so so so disgusting when I heard them saying all that. One of the rapist said that the girl shouldn’t have revolted rather she would have just accepted the rape and maybe this, her death, wouldn’t have happened. I mean, where do these people come from? Why are they never punished? Why are they punished in the least painful way? That girl was raped so brutally. She didn’t deserve it. She wasn’t doing anything wrong. Why were these people made to go through the same? Why weren’t their insides taken out of the body and thrown away? Why weren’t they made to walk naked around the city? Why were they hanged and then burnt alive in front of the whole city? Why our government never does something so painful that it would give goosebumps to every person who even thinks about doing something like this? It’s not their fault, it’s the government’s fault. I purely blame the government. Had they done something that painful, nobody would even think about doing something like this. Also, the lawyer who was fighting ‘for’ the rapists said that, ‘We have the best culture. In our culture, there’s no women.’ I mean, I seriously want to ask that person does he have a mother? Did his mother do something that bad that he is saying all this now? Will he say the same thing if tomorrow his sister or wife is made to go through the same? NO, he won’t. He said all that because it was someone who didn’t belong to him and he just didn’t care enough, so he said whatever he felt like.

Why can’t we Indians change our mentality? Why can’t we treat them with respect they deserve? Why can’t we treat them the right way? Why can’t we stop treating them as objects? Think people, think! What if tomorrow it’s your sister/wife/daughter? Will you let it happen? Would you want anything to happen to them? NO, right? Then, change your mentality.

Treat them! Don’t eat them.